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Property Manager Information

If you own, manage or control an MTU or MDU property, let's talk.

With properties throughout the United States and Hong Kong, Synergy is an end to end solution providing voice, video and data services as well as ground up fiber, construction and consulting services. Find out how you can better manage IT services for your property, deploy valuable amenities like ubiquitous Wi-Fi and cut cost. Whether it's new construction, retrofitting or rebranding the technology at your property - Synergy can help you achieve your goals. You have heard about "smart", "on-net" or "intelligent" buildings; call today and find out how we can be partners in branding your property for the future.

Intelligent Amenity Solutions

An intelligent amenity building is a synergy between an ISP and property manager to implement seamless connections of high reliability and redundancy. Synergy Fiber provides engineered, well-designed solutions with fiber, wi-fi, voice, video and television. These connections are highly reliable, secure and economical.